About Jämda

The database on gender equality, Jämda, is developed by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research and KvinnSam - National resource library for gender studies - at Gothenburg University Library.

The database gives advice on literature about gender mainstreaming and also about gender equality in a wider sense of this term. Its purpose is to assist those who work with gender equality, as practicians and consultants in organizations and authorities. Other target groups are researchers and students who seek information and comprehensive reviews on gender equality research, equality researchers, or applied gender research.

Jämda contains references or links to government commissions, doctoral dissertations, reports, legislation, manuals, etc., in full text.
The database covers material published 1990 onwards.

Jämda is part of the portal "Jämställ.nu - allt om jämställdhetsintegrering" [Jämställ.nu - all about gender mainstreaming], which also contains news, a description of equality goals, instructive examples, links, and a chronological list.

The portal and Jämda have been available since November 2009.