How to search Jämda

Publication Type

You can search the entire database or limit your search results to include only one publication type. For instance, if you wish to search no other publications than government commissions on a specific subject, change from "Search Jämda" to "Swedish Government Official Reports" in the pull-down menu and enter a keyword, e.g. school. Year of publication, title and author are shown in the hit list. Click on a record if you want to explore it further, and you will obtain a description, e.g. number of pages, publisher, and the keywords that we use to describe the publication's content.
You can determine how to display the records, for instance by clicking on the author's name or the title in the small white boxes above the hit list. If you wish to see all items listed within a subsection, click on the section's name. The number in brackets indicates the number of publications within each section.

Free-text search

There is a field for free-text search on the first page. Enter one or more words, with a space between them. The whole content, i.e. the catalogue records, is searchable by author, title, keyword, and abstract or summary (if any). If there are too few search results, you can use the list of keywords for advice on alternative terms. It is also possible to truncate, i.e. using parts of words, followed by an asterisk (*).
Example: labour* will give entries on labour, labour market, labour league, etc.


All catalogue entries are provided with one or more keywords to indicate the publication's content. The search is activated when you click on a word in the keyword list. The keywords, which correspond to subject headings in the literary databases GENA and KVINNSAM and in the gender researchers database GREDA.

Extended search

There is a link to the extended search form at the top of the left-hand column. This is where you can choose search fields, e.g. author and subject. A general strategy is to combine two or more concepts by using "AND", which is the default alternative. To retrieve records on similar concepts, e.g. both labour and labour market, change from "AND" to "OR". Similarly, records on certain concepts can be excluded by selecting "NOT", e.g. equality plans "NOT" equality projects.